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Summer vacation in Gurgl

Alpine high pleasure

The diamond also shines in summer. Thanks to the altitude of almost 2,000 m, there are not only glacier views in Obergurgl, but also pleasant temperatures far away from the urban heat poles. Ideal for hiking, biking and enjoying. But the alpine climate is not only ideal for sports. It also has many health benefits. For example, the refreshing mountain climate promotes restful sleep at night and is particularly suitable for pollen allergy sufferers. It is true that the higher the location, the less pollen pollution can be found.

Hiking in Obergurgl

Hikes and mountain tours

Obergurgl is a perfect starting point for various hikes and mountain tours. Most routes start directly from the front door of Haus Aktiv and Villa Alpin. In addition to challenging summit and glacier tours, there are also a number of more leisurely tours. Particularly popular are the routes to the surrounding huts, for example, which promise culinary delights as well as beautiful views. On panoramic mountains like the Hohe Mut you float comfortably with the gondola - so there is even more time to marvel and enjoy. Also pay a visit to the historic Swiss stone pine forest during your summer vacation in Gurgl. This natural monument is home to trees that are up to 300 years old and offers fantastic views of the back Ötztal valley.

Summer activities in Gurgl

Summer experiences around Gurgl

Those who want to hang up their mountain boots for a short while will find many other summer adventures around Gurgl. An adventure for the whole family is the via ferrata Zirbenwald, which starts right at the beginning with an impressive suspension bridge. Also the climbing garden Zirbenwald provides a nice change of perspective. Prefer biking instead of climbing? That is also possible in Gurgl. Various bike routes lead to huts with great views and fantastic food. Gurgl is also ideal for day trips by car. In just a few minutes' drive, you can reach Italy via the Timmelsjoch. The pass road winds in several hairpin bends up to 2,474 m and grants fantastic views of the alpine landscape.

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